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Print this page and mail with your deposit to:
Pikeland Outfitters, LLC., 22915 County Highway 7, Pittsfield, IL  62363

Pikeland Outfitters, LLC. provides a full service hunt, including living quarters, meals, guiding, meat and trophy care and preparation for shipping. Shipping, meat processing and taxidermy fees are the responsibility of the hunter. All pictures/video footage of hunter and/or kills become property of Pikeland Outfitters, LLC.

You (Hunter) must agree to the following rules while hunting with Pikeland Outfitters, LLC. Any rule that is not followed will mean immediate cancellation of your hunt with no refund.

Deposits will not be refunded in case of cancellation. Deposits can be transferred to another hunt if made within sixty days of your original reserved hunt. Taking a trophy is not guaranteed. The hunt price is for one trophy, which is either a killed or wounded buck. There will be an additional $750 for a 2nd trophy immediately following the hit on the second buck, even if the buck is just wounded. License fees are the responsibility of the Hunter.

Hunter must stay in the treestand, ground blind, or other location that the Pikeland Outfitter, LLC. guide places you in. Hunter must not leave this stand.

As part of the management plan developed by Rack Buck Deer Management, Inc., Hunter must only shoot at bucks with at least a 16" inside spread and at least 8 points (a mature buck), or does. Any buck not meeting this criteria will result in the Hunter paying an additional $400 fine.

Hunter is also encouraged to shoot a doe while hunting. Everyone that shoots a doe enters a drawing for a FREE late-season hunt the following year. Details are posted in the lodge.
In an effort to improve our management efforts, Hunter will pay a $25 fine for shooting button bucks.

Hunter agrees to respect other hunters, guides, landowners and landowners’ property. Hunter must not damage or harm in any way: livestock, fences, crops, farmland, roads, farm equipment, and any other property of the landowners or outfitters.

I (Hunter) release, discharge and promise not to sue the landowners, and any other person, trust or entity with a present or future, possessory or non-possessory, legal or beneficial interest in any portion of the hunting property, and/or any of their members, managers, employees, agents, heirs, next-of-kin, spouses, successors or assigns, for any loss, liability, damages or costs whatsoever arising out of or related to any loss, damage, or injury (including death) to my person or property or anyone accompanying me, including my children.

I (Hunter) release the landowners and Pikeland Outfitters, LLC. from any claim that they are or may be negligent or grossly negligent in connection with any injury, loss, or damage to person or to property occurring on the hunting property and/or in connection with my hunting activities on or near the hunting property, including, but not limited to: provision of, maintenance of, or failure to provide or use hunting gear; maintenance of or failure to warn of roads, ditches, blinds, structures, shelters, fences, fields, ravines, crevices, holes, wells, creeks, rivers, trees or any other place or hazard on the hunting property, whether natural or man-made; failure to warn of or restrict others from hunting on or entering the hunting property; failure to provide aid or to rescue, or if such aid is attempted by the landowners or Pikeland Outfitters, LLC. or by others, failure to exercise requisite care in such attempt; infliction of emotional distress; and incidents involving the discharge of firearms and use of other weapons.

I (Hunter) hereby agree to the above rules and conditions for hunting with Pikeland Outfitters.

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