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Hunters are to arrive on the day prior to their hunt and are responsible for: personalimages/lodge00.jpg (60499 bytes) gear, sleeping bag, hunting license, bow and arrows. Hunters are welcome to bring their own  portable stands, if they wish.

Pikeland Outfitters provides a full service hunt, including living quarters, meals, guiding, meat and trophy care and preparation for shipping.  Meat processing, taxidermy fees and shipping costs are the responsibility of the hunter.

To reserve your space, a deposit of thirty percent (30%) of the hunt price is required. The balance (70%) is due 60 days prior to your beginning hunt date. Deposits will not be refunded in case of cancellation.   Deposits can be transferred to another hunt if made within sixty days of your original reserved hunt.  The hunt price is for one trophy. Taking a trophy is not guaranteed. There will be an additional $750 for a 2nd trophy.  (Second trophy is not possible this fall with recent changes from DNR, unless you are a resident.)  License fees are the responsibility of the Hunter. NOTE: We cannot assure you of a spot until we have received your deposit.

second rut 2.jpgYou (hunter) must also agree to the following rules while hunting with Pikeland Outfitters. Any rule that is not followed will mean immediate cancellation of your hunt with no refund.

Hunter must stay in the treestand, ground blind, or other location that the Pikeland Outfitter guide places you in. Hunter must not leave this immediate area.

As part of the management plan developed by Rack Buck Deer Management, Inc., Hunter must only shoot at bucks with at least a 16" outside spread and at least 8 points, or does. Any buck not meeting this criteria will result in the Hunter paying an additional $400 fine.

Hunter is also encouraged to shoot at least one doe while hunting.   Everyone thatdeer99woods1.jpg (37422 bytes) shoots a doe enters a drawing for a FREE late-season hunt the following year. Details are posted in the lodge.  In an effort to improve our management efforts, Hunter will pay a $25 fine for shooting button bucks.

Hunter agrees to respect other hunters, guides, landowners and landowners' property. Hunter must not damage or harm in any way - livestock, fences, crops, farmland, roads, farm equipment, and any other property of the landowners or outfitters.


Early Morning Rise and Shine
Approx. One hour before sunrise A quick breakfast snack, such as fruit, juice, coffee, and doughnuts.
Approx. 45 minutes before sunrise Head out for the woods. Settle into treestand.
Thirty minutes before sunrise Legal shooting hours begin.
Three to five hours later Pikeland Outfitters will pick you up and help track, field dress and drag your deer out of the woods.
Back at the lodge A full hot lunch is prepared and waiting.
After lunch Rest, practice shooting, tune equipment, or do whatever you like.
Approx. 4-5 hours before sunset Back to the woods and hunt until 30 minutes past sunset.
Thirty to 45 minutes past sunset Pikeland Outfitters will pick you up and help track, field dress and drag your deer out of the woods.
Back at the lodge A full hot meal is prepared and waiting.
After supper Stories and jokes are shared. Everyone prepares for the next morning's hunt. Off to bed whenever you like.

Frequently Asked Questions

NOTE:  We are very flexible. If you want to stay out all day or come in sooner, just let us know.



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